WasteWater Rental Units

25 Man (8M3 Per day)

Polar Septics 25 Man System are housed in a 20' container for easy deployment and small foot print on locations.

50 Man (12.5M3 Per Day Membrane Unit)

Polar Septic's 50 Man membrane units meet all Class "A" requirements in Western Canada and are housed in a 40' skidded contianer for easy deployment to all locations 

100-400 Man (25-100M3 Per Day Membrane)

Polar septic System fleet of 100-1000 man Membrane systems meet and exceed all government regulations in western canada, our systems install in hours of getting to location and produce high quality effluent from the first drop of water processed through the system. All systems are operated by qualified technicans for 24/7/365 non stop treatment.

Holding Tanks Trailer & Skidded Units

Polar Septic Systems have Holdimg tanks both trailer mounted for your small 1-3 shack locations and skid mounted 3000 &4200 gal for our clients 3-8 shack locations