Vacuum truck and pup


Polar Septic Vacuum trucks are available for all your fluid hauling needs 

Tandom Vac 10M3 Tank

Tri-drive Vac 12M3 Tank 

Septic Truck Tri-drive 17M3 Tank  

Pup Trailers 13m3 Tank

Potable water tanker

Potable Water Hauling

Polar Water Hauling trucks are available on a moments notice to deliver all your potable water to location

Tri-drive Potable Water 21M3 Tank 

Potable Water Pup Trailer 21M3 tank 

Mobile wash unit

Mobile Wash and Steam Unit

Polar Septic Mobile  wash and steam trailer comes to your location to help with any and all cleaning services. LET US COME TO YOU 

Water/Wastewater Operations

Polar Septic Systems has full time field service group and 24/7/365 Certified water and wastwater opertors to ensure system operations .